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Varma Legal has helped numerous people to get immigrant status of New Zealand under various categories of Immigration New Zealand.

Pawan believes in giving correct immigration advice and what immigrants can expect from New Zealand.

Other than representing clients at the immigration officer level, Pawan has successfully handled various appeals to the Tribunals, deportation matters, complaints to Ombudsmen and privacy commissioner, ministerial directions etc.

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Varma Legal is actively involved in residential and commercial property sale and purchase for vendors and/or purchasers.

Clients are advised on each and every stage of conveyancing and on their rights and obligations as a vendor or purchaser.

Varma Legal has acted for sale and purchase of businesses such as Post and Lotto Shop, Petrol and Service station, Café and Restaurant, Stationery business, super market, grocery store, childcare centres, Doctor’s practice etc

Other than representing clients in their buying and selling of business, VARMA LEGAL also provides help to business migrants who intend to either buy or set up a new business in New Zealand.

New Zealanders and particularly new migrants by and large like to be their own boss. However, a commitment in a wrong business can lead to enormous problems, therefore, it is necessary that good, correct, quality advice is received by a business purchaser or seller from start till end which Varma Legal is committed to provide to its clients

The only truth in life is that every human being will die one day and it is also inevitable that during lifecycle of a human being health problems (minor or major) will be faced. To manage assets during lifetime a person can appoint his/her Power Of Attorney and a WILL is a vehicle which confirms how the executor of the WILL desired his/her assets to be divided and to whom after his/her death

It is necessary that the donor of a Power Of Attorney and executor of a WILL received good, correct and independent advice before executing these documents.

VARMA LEGAL helps clients to understand effects of these documents and take all possible measures to draft documents which meet requirements of the clients.

Life is full of surprises. People and their circumstances change which can lead to family law issues. At that emotional and stressful times a good lawyer is required who should not only be sympathetic and understanding but also capable of handling family law issues efficiently and practically.

VARMA LEGAL is committed to provide cost effective, practical advice without compromising on the right and entitlement of client on relationship property and assets.

VARMA LEGAL provides services to both employer and employees in employment matters.

Services range from tailoring employment agreement to meet expectations of the parties without breaching New Zealand employment law, raising personal grievance of employee or defending personal grievances on behalf of an employer, mediation, trials etc.

The clients are given cost effective, pragmatic and correct advice so that negotiation and mediation process can be effective and also which help clients to take prudent decision whether it is worthwhile to undergo costs and stress of trial.

VARMA LEGAL accepts instructions on civil matters at District and High Court level ranging from debt recovery, defamation, contractual, commercial, company, insolvency, insurance, property etc.

Efforts are made to apprise client of risks involved in litigation and attempt is made to achieve best results by mediation or alternate forums at affordable costs.

VARMA LEGAL also provides advice on Indian Laws as Pawan Varma has been a practising Advocate for thirteen years in India during which he practiced at District, High and Supreme Court level. Varma Legal has its family firm Primacarta law offices in Delhi, India. Pawan Varma belongs to a family of lawyer who are in legal practice since 1924.

The services range from advisory to drafting of Power Of Attorney(s), Wills, Agreements, Deeds, family settlements, plaints, written statements, replications, applications, replies, affidavits etc.

Please call Pawan Varma on +64-9-627-2660 or e-mail at id for further information.